Berlin Wall Frida I

Berlin Wall Frida II

Frida Kahlo as an artist and feminine icon, is an exceptional example of triumph in the face of adversity, when one considers her political activism and personal medical challenges. In today’s political climate, all “Others”, (Women, Minorities, Gays) are under attack from the new American administration. My hope with my Frida series, is that through the use of the iconic images of Frida Kahlo and Marilyn Monroe, we can be reminded of the importance of such “Other” voices in our world.

Consideration of Frida's German heritage as well as her membership in the Communist Party, led to my use of images from the Berlin Wall and the World War II Memorial Church, Gedächtniskirche. This is an attempt to build bridges through images that remind us of Fascism, World War II and the fall of Communism to connect the cultural fabric of the past with our collective growth in the future.

Bea North Frida  -   SOLD

Slayter Frida  -  SOLD

Warhol Marilyn Frida

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Gedächtniskirche Frida